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June 15-19          Cyber X-Games

0800-0900           On-Site Registration (Cyber X-Games Participants Only) Cyber X-Games Begins        

June 20               Threats    

Mellon Institute Auditorium, 4400 Fifth Avenue

0730-0800           Registration and Check In

0800-0810           Welcoming Remarks

Farnan Jahanian - CMU Provost                          

0810-0815           Introduction of Keynote Speaker                                                                        

                             Hy Rothstein - Director, DOD IO Center for Research

0815-0900           Keynote Speaker    


0900-1030           Panel: Framing the Deterrence Problem (Moderator: CAPT John Zerr)

Erik Gartzke - UC San Diego

Martin Libicki - USNA  

Greg Shannon - CMU

Leo Blanken – Naval Postgraduate School

1030-1040           Break

1040-1200               Panel: Non State Actors and Proxys (ISIS) (Moderator: Antonio Scurlock)

                             The Honorable Michael Lumpkin - Neptune

  Katrina Lewis  - ODNI Cyber

  Keith Mularski - FBI Cyber Division

  Randy Stanger - National Cyber Forensic  Training  Alliance FCFTA Cyber Division 

1200-1330           Lunch           

1330-1515           Panel:  Adversary Deterrence Strategies Comparison and Contrast of Russian, China, N Korea,      

                             and Iran : (Moderator – Leo Blanken)

Kris Rush - CMU Iran

TBD - NSA  Russia

Katya Drozdova – Seattle Pacific University North Korea  

Timothy Thomas - Foreign Military Studies Office China                       

1515-1530           Break  

1530-1700           Panel:  Internal Impediments (Moderator: MG(R) John Davis)  

                             David Hickton - DOJ Chief Cyber Prosecutor

Kathleen Bogner  - MIT LL

Antonio Scurlock - DHS

Lawrence Zelvin - CITI Bank

Fred Hintermister - EISAC              

1700-1710           Day One Closing Remarks - COL Michael Smith – Army Reserve Cyber Operations Group Commander

1700-1930           Social: Hosted w/Cash Bar at Bridges Restaurant – Wyndham Hotel – Pittsburgh University Center       

June 21           Concepts 

Mellon Institute Auditorium, 4400 Fifth Avenue

0700-0800           Registration and Check In           

0800-0805           Day Two Welcoming Remarks – Dr. Hy Rothstein                                                                                        

0805-0930            Panel: Cyber’s Contributions to General Deterrence (Moderator: Jackie Kerr)

                             Erik Gartzke - UC San Diego

Scott Jasper  - NPS  

MG(R) John Davis - Palo Alto Networks

Mark Bristow - DHS 

1050-1100           Break

0930-1050           Panel: Cyber Contributions to Integrated Deterrence {State and Non-State} (Moderator: Jacquelyn Schneider) 

Greg Shannon  - CMU

Martin Libicki - USNA

Ryan Maness  - NPS

LTG(R) Rhett Hernandez – ACI

1100-1130           Conference Photo 

1130-1300            Lunch (Catered) Speaker: CMU- Dr. Brumley – Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall, Grand Ballroom

1300-1420            Panel: How to Manage an Attack/Crisis - Deter, Compel, Defend (Moderator: Rich Friedberg)  

           Lawrence Zelvin - CITI Bank 

           Neil Jenkins - DHS  

           Omar Khawaja  - Blue Cross Blue Shield  

Fred Hintermister  - EISAC   

1420-1430           Break

1430-1600            Panel: The Role of Cyber Autonomy in Deterrence (Moderator: Summer Fowler)  

MG(R) John Davis - Palo Alto Networks

Beau Woods - Atlantic Council

Dustin Fraze - DARPA

Ben Price - MIT LL

1600 - 1730         Panel: Validating Assumptions About Deterrence in the Cyber Domain (Moderator: Paula Donovan)

Erik Gartzke - UC San Diego

Jacquelyn Schneider  - Naval War College

Martin Libicki  - USNA

Perry A Pederson - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Troy Nash - Lawrence Livermore Lab

1730-1735           Day Two Closing Remarks – CMU – Maj Gen (R) Bob Behler

1735-1900           Social:  SEI Building – First Floor

June 22           Solutions 

SEI Jordan Auditorium, 4500 Fifth Avenue

0700-0800           Registration and Check In           

0800-0830           Keynote Speaker:

                             VADM Tighe - N2/N6

0830-1000           Panel: Cyber Facilitating Information Operations for Deterrence (Moderator: Chris Paul)

                             Dr Rothstein – NPS

                             Lincoln Liebner – OSD

                             Rand Waltzman  - Rand

                             Austin Branch - Colsa Corp

1000-1015           Break

1015-1145            Panel: Targeting Solutions: States, Non-States, Military, and Networks (Moderator: CDR Pablo Breuer)   

 LTG(R) Hernandez - ACI

                             Kris Rush - CMU/SEI

Maj Gen Wilson - USD-P

Sharon Hower - WARCOM

1145-1300           Catered Lunch

1300-1420           Panel: Special Operation in Cyber Space – Prepping the Battlespace/Capabilities Management (Moderator: Don Barber)  

SFC Kennerly - USASOC

Kevin Butler - WARCOM

CDR Breuer - NPS

Hy Rothstein - NPS   

1420-1430            Break

1430-1550             Panel: Cyber Escalation Dominance: Escalation and Resilience (Moderator: Rand Waltzman)


Maj Gen Wilson - OSD-P

Jacquelyn Schneider  - NWC

Craig Schultz  - Neo Prime Solutions

1550-1600           Break

1600-1650               Panel: Road Ahead  (Moderator: Hy Rothstein)   

Greg Shannon - CMU

Chris Paul - Rand

Robert Vince - Lawrence Livermore Lab

Maj Gen Wilson - OSD-P

MG(R) John Davis - Palo Alto Networks  

1650-1700           Closing Remarks:  Dr Hy Rothstein